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A Terrarium As An Indoor Garden

A Terrarium as an Indoor Garden

If you love the look of plants indoors but don`t have the time
or knowledge to take care of them, there is a solution. The answer is a terrarium. This is a self-contained plant that, when you have closed the lide, establishes its own habitat. Using a jar, fish tank or other container you
the plants inside create their own eco-system – all you do is enjoy

The choices for terrarium containers are truly endless. Many people choose to use
a smaller aquarium with a lid but any glass jar or other container will also work nicely
too. When choosing plastic make sure that it is clear or you won`t be able
to see the plants inside. When starting out with your container be sure to check for leaks before adding anything. In order for the terrarium to thrive you need the water and
moisture to remain inside. Keeping a good moisture level is crucial to this mini ecosystem. You also won’t want the dirt to filter through your container and onto the floor.

Make sure that all the plants you choose all thrive in similar conditions and like this humid environment. Some more popular plants to put into a terrarium are carnivorous in nature, like the Venus Fly Trap, sundew, or pitch plant. Or you might want to try rain forest plants like chamaedorea palms, small ferns or

Terrariums are typically low-maintenance, indoor gardens that need indirect sunlight and remarkably, no water is needed after the first watering . Using the heat from inside the
terrarium causes the water to evaporate and condense on the lid falling back down to re-water the
plants. This process works continuously to keep your plants alive. If you find there is too much water
present, you’ll need to vent the terrarium. Just open the top of the lid a small amount to allow moisture to escape. It is wise to keep an eye on the soil`s moisture level – make sure it is not too wet or dry.


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