Furnishing Your Summer Garden

OK. You’ve decided what veggies, flowers, shrubs, etc. to put in your gardens. Now here’s another decision to make.

What furniture are you going to put in your garden? You know, people will be coming over to visit and perhaps on a

nice day you’d like to sit in the garden and sip a drink and chat. You’ve put a lot of thought into what goes into your

gardens. Wouldn’t it make sense to put at least that much thought into the furniture as well?


Yes, you could always watch the ads that come out on Saturday and check out the best buys you can get. Or, better

yet, why not do some real research into this.  After all, you don’t want your furniture to look faded weeks after you

put it in your garden. And, how long will those plastic chairs last before the elements turn them into cracked and

dangerous seating for your family and friends?


The furniture, just like the flowers and other plantings should be a personal choice.  How long will it last? What

material will stand up to the constant rays of the sun? The wind? The occasional heavy rainstorm?

Once you’ve decided on the material that the furniture should be made of, consider how many you’re seating

and what kind you are seeking. 

Are you a member of a large family? Are Memorial Day picnics at your place? Do you like the Adirondack

style of chairs? Is there someone in your family who has always wanted a hammock to stretch out on and read

the paper? Do you have sunbathers in the family who would like to have a full lounge chair to catch the sun’s



Once you’re “armed” with all this information, it will be easy to head for the stores to see what’s available.  Above

all make sure you choose furnishings that YOU will enjoy.


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